The Battle of the Sausages

To celebrate the opening of the Birmingham Craft Market we pit some of their best English sausages against the cream of Germany’s neighbouring Frankfurt Christmas Market. Representing the English are Pork and mustard sausages from The Parsons Nose, which take on the German white sausage from the frankfurter stall.

Many thanks to The Parsons Nose and the German Frankfurter Stall for their kind participation.



  1. 1
    Ellie Nash Says:

    You shouldn’t have told them which sausage was which

  2. 2
    Anonymous Says:

    The Battle of the Sausages

    Turkey Brumstick conducts a taste test to see which is better: English sausages from the Birmingham Craft Market or German white sausage from the Frankfurt Christmas Market.

  3. 3
    neiltimms Says:

    We told which sausage was which because it was evident from their appearance which one was which anyway. Ideally we would have blindfolded them, but few people are willing to be blindfolded in Brmingham these days. I can’t think why.

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