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February 27, 2008

It feels a little strange posting on here as it is, essentially, an Xmas blog, but its a good cause so…

Our good friends over at Birmingham: It’s Not Sh*t (it seems I still remember we are a family blog even if it took me a while to recall how to link!) have started an interesting game, getting bloggers in Birmingham to Tig and Tog. Heres what they say:

So, here’s a way to find out if there’s anything out there, it’s a bit like a game of consequences, a bit like a chain letter – we’re going to do a post and throw a challenge out to a couple of other Brum blogs – then they get to do likewise, and so on. Other people have called this sort of thing “blog tag”, but when shortening “tig and tag” us brummies call it “tig” don’t we?Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with an odd, but fun, fact about Brum and one odd, but fun, fact about their blog.
2. At the end of your blog, you need to choose two people to get tagged and list their names.
3. Tag your post “birminghamUK” and “brumblogtig” (the second one is a memetag).
4. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (with their version of the post) and post these rules (or link to them here). They can tie it in with their particular subject if they so wish.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Well Paul Bradshaw of the Online Journalism Blog tagged me so I’ll do my bit and carry on the chain.

Birmingham Fact: The city prides itself on having two of the oldest football teams in the country, Aston Villa (1874) and Birmingham City (1875). This is, however, rubbish in comparison to my home town of Reading, which boasts a football team formed in 1871. Who funnily enough are rubbish in comparison…

Blog Fact: Amazingly, the inspiration for this site came from a video produced in Paul Bradshaw’s Online Journalism module. That doesn’t seem amazing until you watch it:

Named Neil and Todd’s Adventure it features no adventure whatsoever but we found it funny. On watching that, I had the idea to create this blog for Xmas at around 3am one morning. The name is another matter…

I shall tag Joanna Geary and Pete Ashton.


Join Birmingham’s Ice Rink Campaign

January 10, 2008

If our Street Ice video has inspired you then why not join Birmingham’s Ice Rink Campaign.

The Birmingham Ice Skating project has been campaigning vigorously for a new ice rink and you can get behind them by joining their petition.

Visit details.

Birmingham Skating to be put on Ice

January 10, 2008

As Birmingham’s Street Ice enters its final weekend, myself and Todd pay them a visit to find out whether Birmingham is in need of a permanant ice rink.

Birmingham has been without its own rink since Planet Ice caught fire back in 2003.

Birmingham’s Online Advent Calender

December 3, 2007

Birmingham: It’s not sh*t have started their online advent calender with a new festive picture every day. So far we have had freaky santa:

Slightly freaky santa

Christmas St Martins:

Christmas St Martins

and a third, which to keep the suprise is available on their advent calender home page here.

Want to know exactly whats happening in Birmingham this December?

November 30, 2007

Of course you do. Russ L has produced a great guide to everything December. If you can’t find something that tickles your fancy there then, frankly, your a bit rubbish. Go and watch EastEnders or something.

Festival of Christmas Trees

November 29, 2007

This weekend will see Hazelwood Church in Kings Heath in a festive frenzy, stuffing their congregation full of decorated Christmas trees. Members of the public will be able to see the ‘Festival of Christmas’ on the afternoons and evenings of Friday December 1, Saturday December 2 and Sunday December 3.

Over 45 trees will be contributed by local organisations and decorated with items representing their business. With a dentists and a chiropodists amongst the providers, some unorthadox tree decorations can be expected.

The aptly named Canon Priestley, Vicar of Hazelwood Church said: “We want to make this a friendly occasion when church and community come together to create a magical event and so help one another.”

Admission costs £2 for adults with accompanied children going free. All profits will be shared amongst three local charities.

BBC Birmingham’s preview of the festival

Street Ice Returns

November 29, 2007

Just a quick reminder. T-Mobile Street Ice opened its doors today to the delight of skaters in Birmingham.

Buy your tickets here

Or if you fancy finding out if its any good first, stay tuned because we will have a video up very soon.

In the meantime, check out these pictures from the BBC.

Help Save Birmingham’s Christmas!

November 29, 2007

Birmingham’s festive celebrations are in danger of falling flat with a lack of volunteers to bring Christmas cheer to the city. Throughout the region, cries for help are being issued to ensure Xmas 2007 is a success.

Carollers are needed to get in tune and ensure that shoppers at the Bull Ring Markets don’t have to endure a silent night in front of the recently installed 40 foot Christmas tree. Bosses at the markets have launched an urgent appeal for singers to bring festive cheer to the city centre attraction.

Head of Markets Matt Kelly said: “We are really shocked we can’t find find people to come and sing for us. It’s such a shame – the Christmas tree looks absolutely fantastic with it’s lights.

“We are calling on anyone who would like to come and sing us a few carols to get in touch. It’s vital that we keep traditions like carol singing in Birmingham going.”

Meanwhile, things are getting worse in Tipton where Santa himself needs help getting going with a good old-fashioned towing. Volunteer drivers are needed to pull his sleigh in the Black Country for the annual sleigh tour. In the past, the tour has fallen victim to stone-throwers but will, this year, steer clear of trouble spots.

Barry Whitehouse, president of the Tipton Community Association, said: “We are in urgent need for volunteer drivers who could help us by towing Santa’s sleigh around the various routes. The costs for fuel can be covered.”

To help out call Karen Simms on 07870 497104 or email

So come on people of Birmingham. Help save Christmas!

Birmingham Mail appeal for carol singers

The Battle of the Sausages

November 26, 2007

To celebrate the opening of the Birmingham Craft Market we pit some of their best English sausages against the cream of Germany’s neighbouring Frankfurt Christmas Market. Representing the English are Pork and mustard sausages from The Parsons Nose, which take on the German white sausage from the frankfurter stall.

Many thanks to The Parsons Nose and the German Frankfurter Stall for their kind participation.

Birmingham Craft Market

November 24, 2007

As some of you will know, we filmed at the first day of the Birmingham Craft Market on Thursday. Unfortunately, we had a few problems with the sound and editing and had to go back on Friday. Hence the video will not be up on the site until Monday.

 It’s worth the wait though. Turkey Brumstick holds a sausage tasting contest, England vs Germany. It’s a real clash of the titans so don’t forget to check back on Monday!